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Paddle Board Rentals

Bring a friend and paddle the serene waters of the west basin of the bay with the #1 paddle board rental company in San Diego, SD Adventures. We provide easy access with our full-service kayak and paddleboard launch with roller stabilizers, which make getting on and off the board fun and simple. Some places make you lug the board to and from the water with little or no help…not us! Let our friendly staff do all the work for you with a smile. All you need to worry about is paddling and enjoying yourself!

Renting a Stand-Up Paddle Board is Easy

SD Adventures makes renting a paddle board in San Diego super easy. Just hit the Book Now button and choose the date that works for you. Then choose one of the available times and you’re all set!

SD Adventures is Top Rated

We currently have over 300+ 5 star ratings at Google, Yelp and Tripadvisor, and that’s because we go out of our way to make sure our customers are completely satisfied. Visit us and see the difference between us and the other San Diego paddle board rental companies!

Quick Answers

  1. What’s the water temperature?
    Water temperatures are usually around 72-74 degrees (22-23 degrees Celsius) in San Diego Bay in summer and fall, even late into November. In the winter and spring months the temperatures can dip down into the mid 60s (18 degrees Celsius).
  2. What is the best time to paddle board?
    We recommend mornings if possible because that’s when the winds are light and the water has a nice, glassy surface. But you can enjoy yourself any time of day.
  3. Where do we park?
    You’ll park at the Sheraton Hotel. When you drive into the property, take an immediate right turn. We’re located directly behind the hotel. Just walk through the lobby or around the right side of the hotel and you’ll see SD Adventures.

Gliding on the water on a stand up paddleboard is awesome, but always make sure you’re following safety protocols. Here are some helpful safety tips for you:


  1. Make sure you’re wearing an appropriately sized life jacket.
  2. Always wear a leash when paddleboarding. This ensures that you are always attached to your board.
  3. Always be wary of weather conditions while out on the bay.
  4. Use common sense and follow the rules of the road.
  5. Don’t mix alcohol and paddleboarding.
  6. Dress appropriately for the weather to maximize your comfort.

San Diego has one of the most beautiful natural harbors in the world, known as San Diego Bay. San Diego Bay is the closest body of water to downtown San Diego and spans from Chula Vista north all the way out to the Pacific Ocean.

When paddleboarding here you’ll see some of the most scenic views from the Coronado Bridge, to Downtown, marinas of Harbor Island and Shelter Island and beautiful Point Loma.

You’ll also see a variety of local wildlife in the bay including seals, sea lions, bottle-nose dolphin, and a wide variety of birds. This makes it the ultimate place to not only paddleboard but take in the many gorgeous sites that San Diego has to offer. It is also a less crowded area for boating and jet skiing, making it a bit safer than other areas.

Considered to be one of the best natural harbors on the west coast of North America, it was colonized by Spain beginning in 1769. San Diego Bay is a home port of major assets, including several aircraft carriers of the United States Pacific Fleet, and as a result of base closures beginning in the 1980s, facilities in San Diego Bay are the major naval base facilities still in operation in California.

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