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Guided Lake Tours

Guided lake tours provide a unique look into the ecology and geology of these Pacific Northwest lakes. No experience is necessary and we provide all the equipment. Our experienced guides will share with you some natural history that surrounds our Mount Hood lakes. There are so many lakes to explore here on Mount Hood and we’ll provide guided tours of many of them, such as Trillium Lake, Frog Lake or Clear Lake.

Mt Hood Outfitters gives you options when taking a lake tour. Choose between a canoe, kayak or even a paddleboard. There are excellent canoeing, kayaking and paddleboarding opportunities flourish at the countless lakes in and around Mount Hood. During the summer months, these lakes feature both recreational floaters out for a scenic afternoon and fisherman trying to pull in that trophy trout. Mt Hood Outfitters also offers canoe, kayak and paddleboard rentals for those that want to venture out on their own.

Learn about the fascinating history of Trillium Lake with a guided kayak tour, paddleboard your way around Clear Lake, or enjoy a sunny or fall day on the water of Frog Lake. Our guided lake tours are a special experience for the whole family. Now it’s just time to decide what kind of guided lake tour you’d prefer.

Why Choose a Guided Kayak Tour?

  • Kayaks are easier to paddle solo for beginners
  • Kayaks are very maneuverable
  • Kayaks are lighter to carry than canoes, especially when loading on a roof rack
  • Kayaks are faster because you have 2 blades in the water
  • Kayaks keep the paddler close to the water which is an exciting feeling

Why Choose a Guided Paddleboard Tour?

  • Standing on a paddleboard gives you a different perspective than sitting in a kayak or canoe
  • Paddleboarding is a workout, add balancing on the board to paddling and you have a complete workout
  • Paddleboarding can be done anywhere
  • Standup Paddleboarding (aka SUPing) is said to be the fastest growing water sport in the world and everyone should try it at least once
  • SUP boards are light enough to carry yourself and get in the water faster than you would with a kayak or canoe

Why Choose a Guided Canoe Tour?

  • Canoes have lots of room
  • Canoes are more stable than a kayak or paddleboard
  • Canoes tend to be easier when getting in an out
  • You are able to stand up in a canoe
  • Canoes can be quite comfortable when compared to a kayak

One of the shortest walks to a lake located in the Mt. Hood Wilderness area. Although small, it is a nice destination for your family picnic. I personally find the Rhododendrons and Beargrass blooms much more spectacular than the lake itself and highly recommend this hike in the month of June. A moderate four miles roundtrip makes this a nice distance for people not wanting to get too far out there. The one little thing that comes with lakes, snow melt, and late spring/early summer is a little mosquito monster that thinks that you are there for their picnic, so come prepared!

One of the most popular hikes in the Mt. Hood National Forest, this moderate 3.2 mile trek offers a diversity of trees and under story as you walk along a well maintained, wide enough for holding hands, trail. Once you reach the lake at 1.4 miles, continue the .4 miles around the lake to witness the post card perfect picture of Mt. Hoods reflection in this beautiful lake. Although Mt. Hood looms in the background, take the time to notice the lakes backdrop of Tom Dick and Harry Mountain, and Mt. Hood Skibowls backcountry terrain! Because the beauty attracts so many people, there is currently signs and some fencing to keep people off the areas that are being re-vegetated. Everyone should tread lightly and do their share to help keep our forest beautiful.

One of the least known and visited lakes in the area, Wind Lake is a gem! Rough Skinned Newts paddle around in the lake showing you their orangish feet with every stroke. There is a perfect rock outcropping that just calls your name for lunch, and the best thing of all is that you can turn this into an under 2 mile hike by taking Mt. Hood Skibowls chairlifts to the top of Skibowl Peak!

Wow! If you like floating around and staring at Mt. Hood, then this is the place to be. Accessible by vehicle there is
a great campground and day use area to help you recreate at this unbelievable lake. After you have made a couple laps around the lake, take the time to walk the easy two-mile walk around the lake. Diverse trees and a number of wildflowers make the perfect setting at dawn and dusk to relax and watch the waterfowl and birds.

If you have never been around more frogs than you can count, then it is worth your while to visit Frog Lake. A small but beautiful lake that has great fishing and camping.

If you are looking to hike into the National Forest to find your lake, then Twin Lakes is for you. Starting off on the Pacific Crest Trail, you can do a moderate 5.1 miles around Lower Twin Lake, with all kinds of options to get a few extra miles in, with offerings of another lake and buttes.

Clear Lake is where Mt. Hood Outfitters takes guests to canoe and kayak through and around old tree stumps that eerily poke themselves up out of the water. Fog seems to settle on Clear Lake regularly which adds to the quietness of an early morning paddle. Quiet until the motorboat passes by on the way to some great fishing. Motorboats are allowed with a 10mph limit. Bald Eagle, Osprey, and waterfowl are among some of your friends that you may see.

Mt. Mazama (Crater Lake) did not create this crystal clear gem in the Mt. Hood National Forest, but it is a super deep lake created by a spring. No fishing or swimming is available at this lake, but it is well worth the short walk in to see it. The trail continues on to Timothy Lake, so if you are looking for more mileage and a swim, then continue on.

Timothy Lake is the largest in the area. It is accessible by vehicle and you are allowed to have motorboats in the lake at 10 MPH. Stocked with some big rainbows and kokanee, it makes an ideal place to spend the day trolling around for your dinner! There are 5 campgrounds on southeast side of the lake, one at the north end, and a couple that you can boat to on the western side of the lake.



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