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Explore Mount Hood’s scenic lakes from a Canoe! Feel like you’re part of the mountain! Our canoes are easy enough that people of all ages can participate. Canoes can be rented at the Mt. Hood Adventure Center in Government Camp, now located in the Huckleberry Building, or we can deliver to the lake! We have the exclusive permit in the Mt. Hood National Forest to deliver directly to you.

What is a canoe?

  • A canoe is a lightweight, open boat propelled by one or more kneeling or seated paddlers. Canoe paddlers use a single-bladed paddle and face the direction of travel.

Your experience on one of the many Mount Hood lakes is sure to be blissful. In case you’re looking for a reason to start paddling, we’ve come up with a few:

  1. Be close to nature: Canoes are a great way to be close to the water and escape the hustle and bustle of Portland. Get away from it all and enjoy what Mount Hood has to offer.
  2. Exercise: Paddling gives you aerobic exercise mixed with upper body conditioning. Canoeing is a low impact activity and can improve both strength and flexibility.
  3. Relaxation: There are few things in life more relaxing than sitting in a canoe and soaking in the mountain air. So write your canoe rental off on your taxes and come up for some quality stress relief.
  4. Build Relationships: Whether you and your friends or family just want to hang out or you share a competitive nature you will surely grow closer through your paddling adventures on Mount Hood.
  5. Because It’s Fun: Why do you need anymore reason than it’s fun? Canoe for a good time and all the other benefits of paddling will follow suit.

We have recreational flat water canoes great for paddling around our Mountain lakes. Take them camping or just go for a fun day on a local mountain lake. Give us a call or stop by, we deliver to area lakes every single day. Let us help you have the vacation of a lifetime that includes some great water fun!

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Delivery and pick up to our local lakes including Trillium, Frog, Clear and Timothy Lake is available. Give us a call to arrange your boat rental. 503-715-2175




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