New Years Eve 2016

New Year's Eve with Mt. Hood Adventure

By Desi Clark

We had front row seats to Skibowl’s awesome midnight firework extravaganza. Our guests cuddled up with their friends and loved ones and toasted to the new year.

The trip began with everyone getting to know one another in the shop and chatting about the gear we would be using. We eagerly stuffed our packs, put on our goggles, and headed out through the snowy town with wind blowing in our faces. The snow was nothing short of a blizzard that night and the temperature was really cold, but that didn't stop our lively group from hooting down the streets of Government Camp!

Our trek began at the Snow Tube & Adventure Park at Skibowl East, where we watched the laser and black/colored lights of Cosmic Tubing beam down on the happy crowd slinging themselves down the snow-covered hill. We continued to walk past the tubing and the music petered out and the lights began to fade into the snowy Douglas Firs as we walked deeper into the woods. The forest quickly became dark and silent as the group played on and off the trail. Guests tromped with their snowshoe clad feet in deep powder and some were captivated by the night lights of Skibowl glowing off the tree tops.

Halfway through our three-mile trek on the Summit Trail, the trail opened to a flat, tree ringed clearing. Our guides had stashed some dry firewood, snacks, and hot cocoa for our hungry adventurers to indulge in while a fire was made. Hot coco and good spirits were shared among the group, stories began to unfold, and a snow bench was dug out for those who wanted to kick their feet up. An hour around the fire passed too quickly before 11:55pm rolled around and it was time to watch the famous torchlight parade before the firework show. Our guests strapped their snowshoes on and headed towards Reynolds ski run. At midnight, the firework show exploded over our heads! Selfies were taken, and memories were made. For some guests, this was just another adventure to add to their list, but for others this was a trip of a lifetime.

At Mt Hood Adventure, we offer snowshoe and cross country trips for all levels of adventurers to enjoy! Book your special New Year's Eve tour with us anytime for NYE 2017. We book up months in advance, so book early and secure your spot for this magical winter trek through the beautiful woods of the Mt. Hood National Forest. All you need to do is show up, we will take care of the rest!

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